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Psychic readings, solutions to your love relationship problems including remote viewing & remote influencing

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(Sorry we do not offer readings on your phone bill)

Psychic Readings over the telephone cost £25.00 (GBP) for an initial 20 minute consultation plus £1.00 (GBP) for each additional minute.
Love Relationship Problem solving services are bespoke to your own personal budget/affordability


Psychic Readings on Love & Relationships

When the truth matters then you have come to the right place because that is exactly what you will get at Relationship Specialists. Uncannily accurate psychic readings over the telephone giving times, dates, detailed descriptions of people and places and without the use of Tarot Cards or any other psychic tool, our psychic readings come from natural born inherent talent and a highly developed 6th sense, unrivaled by anyone, after all you deserve only the best and also good value for money. The psychic guidance you will receive will be from a natural born professional clairvoyant psychic who has read for titled people and also Royal persons, someone who has been known the world over for over 44 years of natural professional and unrivaled intuition and guidance delivered in a friendly, non-judgemental, compassionate and empathic way, so that you are instantly at ease, and with the good measure of good sense of humour which will lift your spirits whilst not belittling the seriousness of the issues of concern you may have. At Relationship Specialists you will be part of a valued global family who enjoy the warmth of what will become your friend on the end of the phone who can offer expert guidance and amazing insight even down to what someone you are asking about is thinking and feeling, astonishing accuracy that will leave you astounded and so glad you called us. Call us now, we care because you matter and you are very greatly valued.


Remote viewing & Remote Influencing on love

Advanced level post graduate US Military classroom trained remote viewing and remote influencing to the highest level of professional certification is what's on offer at Relationship Specialists. Remote viewing is known as the 7th sense, it's essentially a US military mental martial art for the mind. Relationship Specialists have a very highly developed 7th sense, an exam pass mark of 99% (the average pass mark during the Cold War in the US military secret remote viewing unit was 76%). Remote viewing greatly surpasses information gained from a 6th sense, it's much more in depth. Remote influencing is used to remote influence desired changes in your life or in love relationships and without forcing anyone to do anything against their own free will as with using spell casting (which has negative karmic consequences making matters worse). Remote viewing gets right into the mind set and core being of the person you are concerned about to see how they view you, what future plans they have with regard to you, where their strengths and weaknesses are, what negative neural triggers from past emotional wounding might be causing challenges you are enduring with them. Remote influencing is then the game changer! Relationship Specialists work to a high code of moral and professional ethics, in complete confidentiality. No traveling to consult us, we work over the phone. Call us now for a non-obligatory consultation to discuss how we can resolve your love relationship concerns, you will be so glad you did.


Specialist Love Problem Solving Services

Using a unique and exclusive range of specialist problem solving modalities, skills and services, such as remote viewing, remote influencing, mind scripting, brain entrainment, mind mapping, quantum programming, astrological synastry, life coaching, self-empowerment, life path alignment, soul path alignment, psychic detection, love relationship mentoring, professional stress consultancy, emotional balancing, emotional 12 strand DNA activation, esoteric energy neutralization, to name but a few. Relationship Specialists can make a huge amount of difference toward solving your love and relationship problems. Problems perhaps with commitment phobia, reuniting you with a lost love partner, resolving conflicts and communication difficulties and challenges, Yo Yo dating behaviours, cheating and infidelity, rebuilding trust, resolving interference by troublesome 3rd parties and love triangles, no problem is too complex or to small for Relationship Specialists to resolve and expert help and support is offered over the telephone from the comfort of your own home saving you the cost of travel and work on a troublesome partner is done remotely and covertly in the strictest of confidence whilst being to a high standard and code moral and professional ethics and you can be assured of 100% confidentiality too. You contact us, we don't contact you, so you need not worry about anyone knowing of your connection with Relationship Specialists.

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Free Gifts just for you!

Every time you have a psychic reading or commission problem solving services with Relationship Specialists you will receive a wonderful free gift. Gifts such as the most amazingly accurate Kepler Astrology charts in full colour and sent to you by email the very same day as you have your reading or you commission problem solving services. With problem solving work you will also receive a collection of bespoke specialist audio's which will propel and enhance the problem solving work we undertake for you, the audio's are all downloadable from our cloud so no need to wait for these or your free Kepler Astrology charts to be delivered by mail.

Relationship Specialists do all possible to ensure that you always receive excellent value for your money. We like you to know how valued you are, after all you deserve only the best!


Do our problem solving services really work?

We are always asked if our problem solving services really work, we would expect you to ask this of not just us but of any other company you may consult for support.

We have no reported failures to date, but then we strive to obtain the desired result no matter what it takes, and no expense of effort and hard work is spared, we want a positive result and outcome just as much as you do. So rest assured that we will do all possible to obtain a positive outcome. The only possibility for failure is when our advice is not taken or you neglect to use the specialist bespoke adios given to you as part of the problem solving work we do for you, and as per instructions. Maintaining a positive mind set is also vital to the work, negativity and pessimism can adversely affect the work we do as can giving us misleading information about the issue of concern you have.

Cost of our Services & Opening hours

Psychic Readings cost £25.00 (GBP) for an initial 20 minute consultation plus £1.00 (GBP) for each additional minute. All credit and debit cards accepted. (Sorry we do not offer readings on your phone bill). Love Relationship Problem solving services are bespoke to your own personal affordability since the level and amount of work we will do for you will depend upon the complexity of the issues of concern and how long it will take for us to resolve you love problems.

Our opening hours are 12.00 pm (noon) (GMT) to 12.00 pm (midnight)(GMT), 7 days per week, 365 days per year.



"Absolutely, Absolutely, Absolutely Marvelous! I have met many marvelous psychics, but Relationship Specialists excels everyone, I would like to talk to them again, just to chat. 10/10" Kasumika Chatterjee, Celebrated International Writer recognized by HM Queen Elizabeth II. Coventry, UK.



"I have sought the services of psychics in the past. Whilst they can give you an insight into what is going on in your life, they can't give you a solution. After seeking the service of remote viewing with Relationship Specialists, who not only told me what was going in my life but they also solved the problems I was having. Relationship Specialists are truly amazing". S.K. Middlesbrough.



"Relationship Specialists are amazing and can help so many people given the chance. They have saved my marriage and I will definitely recommend them to anyone in despair needing help as they can fix anyone’s marriage if they've fixed mine". Wendy C. Kent



"I have had many readings over the years but the one I had today with Relationship Specialists for the first time was truly the best and most accurate reading I have ever had. Delivered with humour and a caring nature I now feel I can move forward . Relationship Specialist gave me the names of my longed for soul mate and also my ex. I can highly recommend Relationship Specialists to anyone". Frances. Buckinghamshire. UK. February 2017.


Case Study

Lisa thought her boyfriend would never come back to her but he did ~ Lisa consulted Relationships Specialists when her relationship had gone pear shaped, her boyfriend who had been somewhat of a Yo Yo, in her life, had seemingly gone for good, following a major row, during which their heated exchanges, had seen them saying things to each other which they had both very deeply regretted. Lisa's boyfriend, an obstinate man, vowed he was never coming back, and had started a relationship with another woman in the area, even moving in with the other woman, and so soon after breaking off his engagement to Lisa too. Lisa initially consulted Relationship Specialists for a psychic reading, during which, the distressing situation Lisa was very soon picked up on by Relationship Specialists. Lisa asked Relationship Specialists if they knew how a reunion could be effected. Relationship Specialists suggested remote viewing and remote influencing work, which was subsequently commissioned by Lisa. Things changed very quickly, Lisa received a phone call from her ex fiancé asking if he could meet her to talk with her. Lisa had the notion that this was for the purposes of him collecting the remainder of his belongings from their former shared home, in which she still resided. To Lisa's surprise, her ex fiancé, turned up with flowers and begged her to take him back, assuring her that it was all over with the other woman and that he would never leave her again.Lisa is now married and happy with her man and he has remained loyal ever since, but not only that, they no longer argue and things are far more smooth flowing and fulfilling.

Following Relationship Specialists work for Lisa, Lisa kindly gave Relationship Specialists the following testimonial:

"Relationship Specialists have really helped me through a difficult time recently, they have been great. I mean, they offer supporting guidance, because my relationship had gone a bit pear shaped, and I think Relationships Specialists have just been fab. 10/10 I think they're brilliant, I honestly do. It's fascinating stuff. When I first initially phoned I just thought it was a psychic reading, but it's also remote viewing and remote influencing! I had no clue what it was about, and when I spoke to Relationship Specialists that night and they explained it a bit more of the work they did, it just opened up from there. But I just think it's excellent, that's why I keep bothering them! Because you know when I'm in a sticky patch I'll ring Relationship Specialists, they always give me a solution. They themselves have been though loads of challenges and so they really know their stuff! I do think they is amazing." Lisa. Cardiff.

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Relationship Specialists are always happy to hear from you and always happy to help you in any way possible. Our services are over the telephone only as we work from your voice vibrations. But if you have any questions about our expert and specialist services please send us a message. Thank you.